Thesis On Sanitation Management Models Step By Step Directions For Writing A Research Paper

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In developing countries, majority of people in the rural communities lack sanitation and even with urbanization, the provision of improved sanitation remains a continuous challenge due to the inability to cope with the associated increase in population as communities move from rural, semi urban to urban development [3] .

Also according to Daramola [11] , the population growth in Nigerian cities is not accompanied by a corresponding increase in the provision of environmental sanitation facilities.

So in addressing these challenges of sanitation in the semi urban and urban communities, the provision of sanitation infrastructure serves only as a means to an end, as the attitude and behaviour of the individuals, households and community as a whole, determines the end [12] .

Now, the trend in the promotion of sanitation is progressively moving from the emphasis on centrally planned sanitation infrastructure to a demand led approach that empowers people to change behaviour and improve their own sanitation [3] .

In this regard, simple health interventions such as hygiene and sanitation promotion in the prevention of diarrhoea have been central to the demand led approaches such as sanitation marketing, community led total sanitation and community health clubs; which begins with, and it is based on influencing peoples’ attitude, what they know, do and want [13] .

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