Thesis On Organizational Communication Essay On Racism In America

You could then look into ways that barriers can be overcome -- for example, through strong employee commitment.

You could investigate how and why organizations’ communication has changed over a period of time.

The richness of the media influences how well the organization might maintain its culture.

On the other hand, a strong organizational culture allows a more effective use of the media by providing members with some of the necessary common ground to better understand the information exchanged.

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Research could focus on the importance of communication in organizational learning.

Some industries such as the technology sector are more likely to use upward communication, whereas older, more traditional industries such as construction may be more autocratic and use downward communication.

A similar trend may be evident when contrasting northern European companies that have very open communication compared with Asian companies.

A paper could look into whether there is a connection between ethics and communication style.

Ethics could encompass employee privacy and voice, diversity or whistle-blowing.

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