Thesis On Intrusion Detection System Should Handphones Be Allowed At School-Essay

The perceived latency was generally higher for Snort events than for Suricata events.

The reason for this is probably the additional processing time applied by the implemented log conversion tool.

Our results show that for, the game with default IDS configuration, the distribution utility does not use the IDS in equilibrium if the fraction of fraudulent customers is less than a critical fraction.

Also the distribution utility realizes a positive "value of IDS" only if one or both have the following conditions hold: (a) the ratio of detection probability and false alarm probability is greater than a critical ratio, (b) the fraction of fraudulent customers is greater than the critical fraction.

In contrast to the game with fixed IDS, in the game of tunable IDS, the distribution utility realizes a positive value from IDS, and the value increases in fraction of fraudulent customers.

Our main contribution is a Bayesian inspection game framework, which models the interactions between a profit-maximizing distribution utility and a population of strategic customers.

Our results suggest that the optimal configuration under lack of full information on theft level lies between the optimal configurations corresponding to the high and low theft levels.

Interestingly enough, our analysis also suggests that for certain technical (yet realistic) conditions on the ROC curve that characterizes achievable detection probability and false alarm probability configurations, the value of information about certain combination of theft levels can attain negligibly small values.

The widespread deployment of smart meters and ICT technologies is enabling continuous collection of high resolution data about consumption behavior and health of grid infrastructure.

This has also spurred innovations in technological solutions using analytics/machine learning methods that aim to improve efficiency of grid operations, implement targeted demand management programs, and reduce distribution losses.

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