Thesis On Hitler Youth

In his memoir, Peeling the Onion (2006), he reveals his willingness to join the Waffen-SS in 1944, serving as a Flakhelfer (anti-aircraft bomber).

It caused a lot of indignation among the German public, as he had kept this information to himself.

Since I’m looking at an age group born between 19, there are a number of differences in what people experienced.

Depending on the age and sex of the cohort member, they would either experience their fathers, brothers, or cousins leaving to fight.

For those born in 1933, they might not see their father again until 1945–in the worst case scenario, they died at the front.

He was recruited to the Waffen-SS in 1945, when he was seventeen years old.

However, before this, his neighbour was drafted into the SS Totenkopfverbände.

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