Thesis On Employee Privacy Right In The Workplace

Some believe it does, and others see it as necessary for the proper functioning of business.The argument could go either way as to whether it is an invasion of privacy or a necessary evil, but looking at the issue from all angles is certainly important.Although, with this problem of monitoring employees, many are experiencing a negative effect on emotional and physical stress including fatigue, lowered employee morale and lack of motivation within the workplace.Employers might choose to monitor employee activities using surveillance cameras, or may wish to record employees activities while using company owned computers or telephones.Clearly, a set policy as well as laws, are needed so that no one's first amendment rights are being violated in any way.

Because email and Internet have not been around for a long time in the grand scheme of things, the rules on what a person can and cannot do are still being created.

While some employers are much more concerned than others, and therefore monitor their employees' activities more closely, all employers have the option to monitor their employees where the Internet is concerned.

This is making some employees very nervous, but does it violate their rights?

According to a relatively recent British news story, it is illegal to monitor employee's email and Internet usage without telling them that you are going to be doing do.

The story states that covert monitoring may be acceptable in special circumstances, such as when a crime is thought to be being committed, but it is a bit of a gray area and therefore is open for interpretation as to what it acceptable monitoring and what is not.

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