Thesis On Disability In Pakistan Abbreviate Assignment

Eight guiding principles underlie the Convention, of which accessibility is one [1].

Chi-square tests and Analysis of Variance tests were then incorporated into the analysis.Despite their frequent additional health care needs and limited access, persons with disabilities constitute a marginalised group in health services research.Their experiences within the health care system are not well understood, and research-based health service improvement interventions commonly exclude persons with disabilities [12].Rural contexts in these countries may present greater barriers than urban contexts, but little is known about access issues in such contexts.There is a paucity of research in South Africa looking at “triple vulnerability” – poverty, disability and rurality.These barriers to health care for the rural population have been well documented [23,24,25,26,27].Rural communities share certain characteristics that affect both health and health care [28] and “do without ready access to the dense net of services – including health services – that characterises the urban environments” (p. According to Rowland & Lyons (1989, cited in Schur & Franco) [29] (p.Recently, there has been an accumulation of evidence that barriers to health care access exist for persons with disabilities in less resourced countries.According to Mac Lachlan and Mannan [13], access to health care, even in wealthy countries, is often difficult for persons with disabilities, but in poorer countries the challenges are exacerbated, combining physical, financial, and attitudinal components.Implications are that we need to look beyond the medical issues of disability and address social and inclusion issues as well.The United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) is a human rights instrument on an international level intended to protect persons with disabilities’ dignity and rights.

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