Thesis On Cinnamon Research

In the areas of Indian subcontinent the buttermilk is known as Traditional Buttermilk. Buttermilk is very useful in the digestive problems and the diseases associated with the digestion [2].

Very rich source of Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin B12, & Riboflavin were present in buttermilk and it is a good aid digestive problem [3]. zeylanicum) is a small tree, with a 10-15 meters (32.8-49.2 feet) height and family Lauraceae. Cinnamon contains very potent components such as essential oils, resinous compounds, Cinnamic acid, Cinnamaldehyde and Cinnamate.

Lactose content was determined by using Fehling’s solution method [11].

Two different levels of essential oils (200 and 300ppm) were used in the treatments: No EO (T1), 200 (T2) and 300 ppm (T3) EO derived from thyme, 200 (T4) and 300 ppm (T5) EO derived from cinnamon, 100 ppm TM 100 ppm CN (T6), 150 ppm TM 100 ppm CN (T7). Curd was Prepared by traditional method, toned milk was taken and heated and boiled for few minutes and the cooled to room temperature (30-35C), after which inoculation of culture that is house hold curd at the rate of 1-2 % was added and incubated at 37 C for 16-18 h after formation of curd it was cooled under refrigeration temperature of 5o C [8].Cinnamon sticks were shade dried and pulverized to a coarse powder, then made into fine powder with the help of blender after which the powder was sieved through 4mm mesh to get very fine Cinnamon powder.Present study was planned to see the effect of feeding different levels of essential oils (EO) of thyme (TM), cinnamon (CN) and their combinations (COM) on performance, nutrients utilization, carcass traits, hematobiochemical parameters and economics of broiler production.In the experiment, two hundred and ten, day old broiler chicks were randomly distributed into 7 dietary treatments (T) with 5 replicates of six chicks each.It has been reported to have remarkable pharmacological effects in the treatment of type II diabetes.Cinnamon has traditionally been used to treat toothache and fight bad breath and its regular use is believed to stave off common cold and aid digestion [7].When compared to normal butter milk (without cinnamon) significant changes were observed in Cinnamon flavored Butter Milk.The organoleptic studies appearance, color, flavor, taste, mouth feel and overall acceptability were studied and overall acceptability was good for Cinnamon Flavored Butter milk.Furthermore we studied microbial studies such as total plate count (TPC), yeast and mould count, coliform and to evaluate the safety and keeping quality of the products.Antioxidant and iron chelating activity of the Cinnamon Flavored Butter milk was also determined.

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