Thesis On Budget Deficit Annotated Bibliography Dissertations

In case of beauty conscious women of Bashundhara and Baridhara, they are one of them.

Saloon industry in our country has high intensity of rivalry, customers also have high bargaining power though threat of substitutes & barraging power of suppliers are low; but the threat of new entrants are moderate.

Vision Statement To provide world class grooming and spa experience by combining skill, art, technology and science for today’s women in a female club atmosphere with promises to take the service experience one step beyond anything else.1.3.

We will hire two specialists who will revamp our parlor to a very high level. To clean our salons hair cutting and other tools we will use sterilize machine.

We will also provide some other value added services as well. So our salon name indicates the exceptional services and the tag line reflects our superior quality.

Freya’s long-term objective is to increase the sales by 15% in 2nd year, 20% in 3rd year, 25% in 4th year, 30% in 5th year and 6th year considering 1st year as the base year.

We will have different promotional strategy which will include Newspaper & Magazine, posters & pamphlets, kiosk and Opening Day Promotion.

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