Thesis Of Who Killed Benny Paret

He especially talks about a match that resulted in the death of a boxer named Benny Paret.Cousins argues that boxing is just a show of violence and that boxers put themselves in the ring just for the simple purpose of entertaining a crowd.There is no point to see someone get hurt just for entertainment.In Norman Mailer's essay, "The Death of Benny Paret" elements such as similes and ironic phrases are used in order to give the readers the true sense of the events that are taking place.At the end of ten rounds, he would still be bouncing, his opponent would have a headache.

"..right whipping like a piston rod which has broken through the crankcase, or like a baseball bat demolishing a pumpkin." This an example of one of the similes used by Mailer.Paret was a Cuban, a proud club fighter who had become welterweight champion because of his unusual ability to take a punch.His style of fighting was to take three punches to the head in order to give back two.For a champion, he took much too long to turn back around.It was the first hint of weakness Paret had ever shown, and it must have inspired a particular shame, because he fought the rest of the fight as if he were seeking to demonstrate that he could take more punishment than any man alive.In The Death of Benny Paret, Norman Mailer utilized stylistic devices such as diction, literary devices, and syntax to give the reader an overall dismal mood about the brawl throughout the passage, because that is how Mailer felt that mournful day.Initially, Mailer used diction through imagery and emotional words to give the reader how the situation felt to him and to describe to the reader the situation.In the twelfth, was in like a cat ready to rip the life out of a huge boxed rat.He hit him eighteen right hands in a row, an act which took perhaps three or four seconds, Griffith making a pent-up whimpering sound all the while he attacked, the right hand whipping like a piston rod which has broken through the crankcase, or like a baseball bat demolishing a pumpkin.The simile is used to show the readers the viciousness of the opposing fighter, when he punched Paret numerous times in a matter of seconds.The effect that is posed onto the reader is one of awe and amazement.

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