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I started with Shakespeare in Russia just because his work had been translated so much and the fact that he was such a canonical writer introduced lots of other interesting questions into the mix.I began looking at the whole history of his work in Russia, and then narrowed down my focus more and more.I went to a postgraduate open day a few weeks later and had a meeting with her, we formulated a plan and I then began putting drafts of my research proposal together.I was a bit late the first time around as I didn’t get my application in until February, so I knew it was unlikely I would get funding but I was prepared to start part-time as I knew it was what I wanted to do.I came across a reference to Radlova and her husband during this initial research and thought they were an interesting case study, but it wasn’t until my archive work in Moscow and St Petersburg in my 2nd year that I realised how much material was available on them and decided to make them my central focus.I toyed with the idea of doing a Ph D during my Masters, but then didn’t really enjoy writing my dissertation, so decided against it and began working in the translation industry, however I became increasingly disenchanted during the year working in Leeds and felt I wanted to return to academia, but wasn’t really brave enough to do anything about it.

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I’ve also gained experience in other departments in the University having worked part-time work in the careers service and the admissions office.

A Ph D is also much more like a job than doing a university course, and I’ve found it helpful to treat it as such and take the approach of having working hours as far as possible.

The main challenges I have encountered have been: Time-management; particularly when I was part-time.

It is good to know that there is help available if you ask for it!

I’ve taken opportunities throughout my Ph D to gain other experiences.

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