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I would take a look at the essay writing lessons on this site as they will help you to decide, and also look at the model essays.

I've just added a free printable lesson to Teaching Truffles.Second, health and joy are by far more valuable than money.The older people get, the more likely people suffer from sickness, let alone the stress from heavy workload on a daily basis.First, though being experienced is of crucial importance, the productivity of the work also depends much on skills and up-to-date knowledge.In other words, the young are able to get access to advanced education and well-trained to be experts in a variety of occupations, which people from the previous generation may Maulik Monty (Melbourne) It is true that in ielts essay we need to follow this structure:- Introduction - thesis - first paragraph one argument as a task response example explanation- and the same we need to do in second paragraph with second argument - and in conclusion we need to do restatement.Hi, What you have suggested is a good way to basically set out a simple essay for IELTS.But generally you could put your opinion in the introduction (as the last sentence - the thesis statement) and then repeat it again (paraphrased) in the conclusion.You wouldn't normally put it in your body paragraphs as you suggest.In other words, the student writes about the advantages and disadvantages of something before offering their own opinion.Bear in mind, there are a few writing approaches that students need to be aware of for writing task 2, the argument led approach being just one of them.

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