Thesis Inventing Television History Report

It was closely followed by launching of remote control and transistorized television sets towards 1959.The 1950s was also the time when many categories of programs that are popular today were introduced.There were as many as 102 television manufacturers in the 1950s and hence, people had a lot of options to choose from.Here are a few sets from the 1950s, to give you an idea of how it looked in its early days.It opened the realm of recreation and mass communication.It made possible for people and families to watch live events in the comforts of their drawing room.The decade of the 1950s is also known as 'The Golden Age of Television'.Even though, television broadcasting had been active since the 1930s, it was only in the 1950s that it actually caught people's fancy.

Thus, the businessmen found a medium through which they could get a market for their products.It added a new element of recreation and fun for the people, and also kept them updated of the happenings in the country and around the world.The availability of movies and movie-related shows, reality shows, daily soaps, and of course, the news programs, made television a very popular medium of entertainment in every household.People took more interest in the news, as they came to know of what was happening around, in real time.CBS' news program - 'See It Now', took the world of TV by storm.In 1952, the Republican and the Democratic conventions were broadcasted live from Philadelphia, to the rest of the country.With television reaching every nook and corner of the country, the last vestiges of isolation were rooted out.The popular shows of the 1950s are regarded as classics today.Even during the 1950s, television tried to cater to audience of all age groups.Let us know more about television in the 1950s, in this article.Television is the first audiovisual device that changed the way people see entertainment.

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