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In his Links between dimensions can provide a more comprehensive understanding of poverty.

For instance, a household that is not considered poor in terms of one of the above variables may lack in many other vital areas of well-being.

Rural areas are home to about 75% of the poor and are still expected to house 60% by 2025.

Based on comparison studies, rural populations of Vietnam, India, and Zimbabwe suffered significantly more than urban populations did in categories that included numbers of impoverished residents, child mortality rates, sanitation quality, and levels of education.(10) This suggests that when dealing with averages (and not distinguishing between rich and poor urban groups), there appears to be what is generally considered an “urban advantage.”On the other hand, averages do not account for major differences between socioeconomic groups within each region, and they do not reflect multidimensional forms of poverty.

In this way, improvements in rural poverty can aid urban poverty as well.(14) Several features distinguish urban poverty from poverty in other areas.

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The paper authors were charged to summarize the work that had been conducted on a particular element of alternative poverty measures, discuss the technical issues that have arisen, and outline the strengths and limitations to alternative approaches.

Mabogunje, Chairman of the Presidential Technical Board of the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria.

The first is the “new poor” who have been recently impoverished, and the second is the “borderline poor” who are employed yet unskilled and below the poverty line.

The Committee on National Statistics (CNSTAT) of the National Research Council (NRC) convened a workshop on June 15-16, 2004, to review federal research on alternative methods for measuring poverty. The current measure has remained virtually unchanged over the past 30 years.

Office of Management and Budget to evaluate progress in moving toward a new measure of poverty, as recommended by the 1995 report, Our major conclusion is that the current measure needs to be revised: it no longer provides an accurate picture of the differences in the extent of economic poverty among population groups or geographic areas of the country, nor an accurate picture of trends over time.

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