Thesis Crm Telecommunication Spm 2006 English Paper 1 Answer Continuous Writing

ranging from Microsoft Excel to Web Based Tech (, c#, html, etc.) to packaged software implementations.

Often the right solution for a business consists of an integrated approach calling on several of these technologies.

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Thesis Technologies is a collection of experienced business people and talented software developers.

The application is built with VBA Macros that automate the workflow. This application has the ability to automatically set appointments in Microsoft Outlook.

This application was developed for a large manufacturing plant and has complete MRP and production scheduling capabilities.

We work hard each day and on each project to execute at a "10 out of 10" level.

We have clearly defined processes and we are following them with a lot of discipline.

This CRM application was developed for a home services company.

We don't know for sure, but if you are like many of our clients, you have business challenges to solve and a solid vision of what the right systems can mean for your business.

Our clients see inefficiencies, redundancies and opportunities left on the table.

VBA Macros are used to automate workflows and to produce a collection of schedule and forecasting reports.

This VBA Macro application was developed to export all transactions from Quickbooks and convert the data for use in a different accounting system.

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