Thesis Cover Page Chicago Style Ap English Language And Composition Analytical Essay

Alcohol has played a destructive, painful role in the lives of the numerous twentieth-century writers.

Among poets, Dylan Thomas is often the first who comes to mind as a victim of alcoholism.

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John Berryman, too, suffered from this affliction.1 Among novelists who battled alcohol was the great British writer Paul Scott, author of the masterpiece The Raj Quartet.

A reviewer of a new biography of Scott faults the biographer for not understanding fully the effect of alcoholism on Scott and his wife and daughters.2 Scott's own mother, out of a kind of bravado, encouraged Paul to drink gin at the age of six.3 Notes 1. Electronic citations should tell us the author(s), title, electronic medium (i.e. "Survey of Legal Opinions Regarding the Death Penalty in New Jersey," in NL-KR (Digest vol.

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