Thesis Cover Design

Please make an appointment with Ted Houghtaling to submit your document between the hours of a.m. Once the document has been accepted, all copies are sent to be professionally bound, and upon their return to the Library, one is cataloged and becomes part of the Library's collection.The two additional copies are sent to the department.Students who want additional copies of their reports bound may do so at their own expense.

Documentation formatting style must be discussed with and accepted by the advisor. The suggested typeface for dissertations is 10- to 12-point Arial.The report cannot be mailed to the Library and cannot be handed in by another person. Senior reports should be submitted by the last day of classes as set on the Academic Calendar.In addition, an abstract independent of the document is to be supplied to the Library. Date extensions are given through the Office of Undergraduate Academics.Please send your report electronically to [email protected] as a PDF document for review purposes prior to the acceptance deadline.Upon final approval, three copies of the report (1 original and 2 copies, either xerographic, photocopied, offset or letter quality printer) are to be hand-delivered to Ted Houghtaling at the Library.Lowercase Roman numerals (i, ii) must be used for the pages appearing before the body of the paper (called the front matter).The title page is considered page i, but there is no page number printed on the title page.Larger printouts must be photo-reduced producing a clear, accurate final copy.Glossy prints of good reproducible quality, either black-and-white or color may be used.Photographs can be printed on 8.5" x 11" glossy finish paper, however, margin and page number requirements as stated above still apply for pages containing photographs.When attaching photographs to paper, double-sided tape may be used which causes the least amount of damage to the original paper.

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