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The scoring of the instrument was based on the tutor coordinator’s biases as to the “most desired” responses, and the scores tutors received were reported as a measure of their competence as tutors.Each question provided only three multiple choice responses.The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of training on tutors.This manuscript began with a brief history of tutoring to dispel the common myth that the need to provide tutoring for college students is a new phenomenon.4) What are the relationships between the tutors’ abilities to identify an appropriate course of action and their abilities to construct an appropriate course of action?Each of the first three research questions was expanded as hypotheses were developed for them.

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Finally, a set of recommendations is presented for professionals interested in pursuing additional research to exceed the scope and findings of this study.

At the beginning of the following semester, the next group of tutors was given the instrument as a pre-test before any training was provided.

Training was the only variable investigated, and thus, training was credited with the difference in scores.

Brandwein and Di Vittis (1985) reported findings between two groups of tutors.

One group of tutors who had received training was given the instrument as a post-test at the end of one semester.

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