Thesis Centre Binding Costs

Turnaround: 1 Day (4-6 hours)We also offer a variety of quick-binding options that can be produced in a matter of hours.Covers can be stamped with a gold foil university logo with your title, name, and year.Choosing a higher quality paper not only looks more professional, it will help extend the lifetime of your thesis! We use local binderies and the turnaround time is 4 days for Library Standard Binding, and 5 days with a title.During Rush Periods, the bindery will deliver books in accordance with your department schedule.Our bookbinder carefully stitches and glues the spine of the book, and then attaches a hard cover bound in buckram (a hardwearing synthetic fabric).The covers can be finished with traditional lead typesetting to display the title and author of the work.

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This ‘PUR glue binding’ process provides a high quality and cost-effective method to bind your thesis work.

The spine of the book is coated in glue and then the work is wrapped with a thin card cover.

We recommend you start planning to print and bind your thesis at least 10 days in advance from your due date, to ensure your thesis is ready in time for submission to Mudd Library.

Turnaround time depends on your binding requirements. To Get Started: Upload your PDF, choose your options, preview, and submit.

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