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Recognition and classification of human facial expression by computer is an important issue to develop automatic facial expression recognition system in vision community.

This paper introduces some novel models for all steps of a face recognition system from a non-frontal RGB image.

Area of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) plays an important role in resolving the absences of neutral sympathy in interaction between human being and machine (computer).

HCI will be much more effective and useful if computer can predict about emotional state of human being and hence mood of a person from supplied images on the basis of facial expressions.

VPN is a tunnel through Internet to connect two different local area networks in a strict security and data encryption techniques.

MPLS VPN use peer to peer VPN which merges the salient feature of Overlay VPN model and peer to peer VPN.

If the traffic increased on the link it would result in network congestion or a deadlock situation is created.

It is observed that 7% of human communication information is communicated by linguistic language (verbal part), 38% by paralanguage (vocal part) and 55% by facial expression.

For classifying facial expressions into different categories, it is necessary to extract important facial features which contribute in identifying proper and particular expressions.

In this paper we have enlighten MPLS introduction, MPLS VPN, Traffic Engineering and MPLS Qo S in MPLS IP backbone.

We have provided connectivity to different customers in MPLS backbone by implementing MPLS VPN and Provide Quality of Service to these customers locally in this backbone area.

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