Theory Of Inventive Problem Solving

Professionals interested in adding a breakthrough problem solving tool to problem definition processes such as Six Sigma and DFSS.Innovation managers interested in improving the quality of inventions and intellectual property. Jack Hipple is a certified TRIZ practitioner and TRIZ trainer for the Altshuller TRIZ Institute.For example, a problem in using artificial diamonds for tool making is the existence of invisible fractures.Traditional diamond cutting methods often resulted in new fractures which did not show up until the diamond was in use.TRIZ is in no way simplistic — it calls for detailed study of the contradictions and the inventive principles that can address them, but its basic steps are grounded in a common-sense process that can be applied across a range of disciplines. Glenn Mazur of QFD Institute explains, TRIZ is the systematic innovation methodology for developing creative solutions which was born in Russia.Every invention is a proposed solution to a contradiction.A coffee mug needs to keep liquids hot on the inside while remaining cool enough to touch on the outside.1 Contradictions like these are the essence of engineering tradeoffs, and they are familiar to anyone who devises solutions to problems, from a rocket scientist to a cosmetics package designer.

The remaining 40,000, however, were inventive solutions to problems.

This is one example of many problems solved by using TRIZ: A potential solution might already exist, but often psychological inertia prevents us from discovering the ones in a different field of discipline or from being creative enough to see a potential of existing knowledge to a new situation.

In this hands-on workshop, you will discover how to apply TRIZ methods to challenging customer needs in the changing business environment, both for services and for products.

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Your attitude, when you start a personal innovation journey or try to implement one inside an organization, is critical.

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