Their Eyes Were Watching God Essay Topics What The Modern Woman Wants Essay

No, Janie felt “it was important to all the world that she should find them and they find her.

” However, in a single action, Nanny, her grandmother, shattered these hopes.

For years and years Janie is suppressed and is unable to be the person she wishes to be.

All those hopes and dreams that Joe once represented faded back to the horizon which nearly disappeared from sight.

The funeral is the beginning of a great change in Janie where, with Joe gone, “she would have the rest of her life to do as she pleased.

” Janie, now free with Joe’s death, begins to ask herself questions and thinks back to her past which she despised so greatly.

However, the first thing Janie does after the funeral is get rid of everything that reminds her of her old self.Joe’s death marks a significant moment in Janie’s life and development as a character. Janie is no longer suppressed and finally has the opportunity to be free and pursue her hopes and dreams. On the “outside,” she shows and does everything she is supposed to do.She “starched and ironed her face” which was like “a wall of stone and steel.Hurston uses this long paragraph of Janie’s memories of her grandmother to show the extent of her suffering in the past and what may lie ahead in the future. She had been “getting ready for her great journey to the horizons in search of people.She was not the type of girl satisfied being a housewife and striving to live a secure life.She “burnt up every one of her head rags” and went about with her hair down to her waist.Janie’s hair has always been one of her most striking features and now Janie finally can exhibit her femininity.The storm itself is personified, described as “the monster” which “trampled over the roof of the house” and “roll in his bed.” Hurston uses this personification to further emphasize the great magnitude of the storm and the extreme danger it poses, making it apparent that it is like death, threatening the lives of Janie and her beloved husband, Tea Cake.To Janie, he represented these dreams and was her opportunity to fulfill them.However, what Janie did not foresee is that Joe took her away from that life she hated with Logan Killicks and led her into that same life with him.

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