The Way To Rainy Mountain Essay Thesis Statement Maker For A Research Paper

Because coyote -- the one thing about a literal coyote, but certainly the mythic coyote -- is he's always on the move.

This is a journey, and it starts in Montana and it goes down to Oklahoma.

Momaday fit right in that historic moment of Indian people coming to the fore of American imagination, not as the end-of-the-trail, bedraggled kind of warrior who's lost vision and hope, but they came into full view as contemporary Indians.

There had been as sense of Indian people being reduced to wards of poverty, policy, and programs, not having culture left, etc.

The Way to Rainy Mountain combines personal, familial, and tribal stories about Kiowa Indian history.

Momaday juxtaposes his personal memories of Kiowa culture and traditional tribal narratives to create an impression of the Kiowa way of life that is both mystical and well-grounded.

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