The Sun Also Rises Essay

Braddock (who is not introduced using her Christian, or given, name), and Lady Brett Ashley.

Each one fits well into a different demographic category and niche in society.

She has burned her bridges with her first husband, and now worries about lonelinessand impoverishment.

In her view, Robert aims for celebrity authorship for the accompanying sex with literary groupies.

These women represent three very divergent ways of being a woman, and presumably, their interior lives must reflect these differences.

Despite the limited interior perspective that Hemingway provides, and his relentless focus, instead, on action, his women are nonetheless vivid and memorable characters The four women who appear in greatest detail in are Georgette Hobin, Frances Clyne, Mrs.

She reminds the reader of the Furies, pursuing Cohn relentlessly until and unless paid off to go away. Braddocks, whose husband is also introduced without a given name, is described as Canadian, and possessing the “easy social graces” that Hemingway associates with that nationality.

However, Hemingway depicts Frances’ listing unpleasant truths about Bob, for example, his self-interestedness, his weepiness over his own cavalier treatment of his wife/girlfriends, his exploitation of his personal affairs as material for his next novel, his cheapness, and so forth, as highly negative(Hemingway Chapter 5).

Although she has spirit and character, she seems to be , to be used as needed, whether for sex or companionship, and passed from hand to hand. She is described as good-looking and tall; more value-laden terms, as well having been possessive and exploitative of Robert Cohn, at least earlier of their relationship.

At this point, she is desperate to get Robert to formalize their relationship.

She wears revealing clothes that are not necessarily girly, like a man’s felt hat (Hemingway Chapter 13), and often calls herself “chap” (Hemingway Chapter 3).

Although engaged to the absent Mike Campbell, she is generous with her sexual favors (Hemingway Chapter 5). Pedro Romero wants to tame her into a more traditional woman.

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