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Both authors plant their interpretation of their lives into their work and create characters that represent themselves.Meursault and Huck’s choices are a result of multiple factors such as; religion, which is a very influencing subject in all parts of the world and greatly inclined both Camus and Twain in expressing their ideals; relationships, which is a nec...Instead the reader can find an unusual emphasis on the setting and physical aspects of events and characters in part one.Meursault has complete control and conscious awareness of his indifference towards social situations.Albert Camus illustrates this exact view in The Stranger.

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[tags: Camus, The Stranger] - In many works of literature a character conquers great obstacles to achieve a worthy goal.[tags: Stranger] - In The Stranger, Albert Camus personifies eyes as a source of knowledge.Characters come upon knowledge through many different sources from touch to hearing.Masson and they confront two Arabs (who have given Raymond trouble) that Meursault first seems to think about the insignificance of any action therefore of human existence.Here he implicitly denies the existence of God, and thus denies morality, as well as the "external" meaning (if it may be so distinguished from the internal or individual existential meaning) of life and death.[tags: the stranger] - In The Stranger, Camus portrays women as unnecessary beings created purely to serve materialistically and satisfy males through the lack of a deep, meaningful, relationship between Meursault and females.Throughout the text, the main character, Meursault, creates closer, more meaningful relationships with other minor characters in the story.Meursault contains occasion of his emotional indifference between his friends and social indifference....[tags: The Stranger Essays] - Albert Camus’s novel The Stranger, Meursault the main character, narrates in the first person and thus, his perceptions are limited.It is Meursaults underlying radical attitude towards authority and social norms that provide for his dissent behavior.In order to prove that Meursault is free to act as he does, his inability to grieve over the death of his mother should not be accepted....

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