The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Essay

When Stevenson compares Mr Hyde to a `madman,` he cements Mr Hyde’s frightening behaviour within the context of the novel.

He describes Mr Hyde, for example, as `pale and dwarfish`.

People with such deformities, such as the elephant man, would be seen in shows for entertainment and shock value.

In other parts of the novel, Stevenson describes Mr Hyde by saying that there is something `wrong with his appearance,` which is ‘displeasing’ and `downright detestable.` This use of alliteration in `downright detestable` not only brings emphasis to Hyde’s appearance, but it also vividly highlights Hyde’s evil and fear-inducing characteristics.

This theory states that we all evolved from one common ancestor: the primitive animal.

Victorian society, at the time, was religious and too traditional to hear Darwin’s radical theory.

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