The Secret River Essay

While I found her journey as a novelist very interesting, it was her struggle to find meaning, connection and belonging with which I most identified. In part one, the reader follows Kate Grenville as she initially begins researching her convict ancestor and his transportation to Australia, then realises that his claiming of land on the Hawkesbury River must have put him in conflict with the Aboriginal inhabitants of the area.

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It is particularly interesting to see the many sources from which Grenville drew inspiration, including minor details and phrases which contribute to the authentic sound and atmosphere of the novel.Kate Grenville has always had the same reservations about historical fiction.Even before The Secret River was completed, she was planning a book which would make transparent the process by which she'd adapted the historical record for the purposes of fiction, and her reasons for the decisions she made.Most of us will know of her award-winning book "The Secret River".It was made into an excellent two-part mini-series and has also been adapted for the stage.What moved me at times to tears, was the recognition and memory of shared experiences.When Grenville describes the Reconcilation Walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge in May 2000, I was taken back to that day, because I was one of the 300,000 people who participated.Together, the novel and the play spoke to me spoke to me about the colonial experience in New South Wales in a way that all of my other reading on this subject has failed to do.It personalised the dilemmas faced by the new arrivals and the conflict between them and the indigenous people of the country.It contains sections of personal memoir, the record of the research, and a journal of the evolution of the book from non-fiction to novel.It quotes sections of early drafts and compares them with the final version, and goes into some detail about technical issues such as point of view, voice and dialogue.

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