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Paul could not have understood who God was for him to go forth in gambling, after he stated that God told him that he was lucky. The town seems to enjoy one another but only to a certain point because they can take the life of one another at the drop of a dime.To conclude, These two stories also are similar because kids are being affected by the traditions and generational faults.In the beginning of the story the main character Mrs.. It seems to be a very peaceful day but also very anxious of the upcoming event.The irony of the story is that when the lottery did not work in her eyes, she was completely against the entire idea of it.

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In my perspective both stories are ironic in the aspect of the main character death through the actual problem and not getting a relevant solution for it.She stated that it was not fair and the excuse was that her husband did not have enough time to select his slip of paper.In both of these short stories, the actual thought of sin is justified.It is based on tradition of former generations passed down over periods of time over time.This Story is about a village that is stuck on a deadly, and painful tradition that has been passed on generation after generation.‘The Rocking Horse Win near” introduction almost foreshadows and sets the tone Of the hole story.Both stories are similar in the ironic them of traditional and generational aspects.It’s as if her spirit lingers throughout the house because of the way she view herself within.The mother was born with all advantages except she was not mentally, nor emotionally balanced in many areas of her life.They are very different in tone and style, but they have similar tragic ironies in areas of the stories.Both of the stories leaves the reader in suspense throughout it, but definitely at the strong emotional endings.

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