The Persistence Of Memory Essay Consumer Economics College Coursework

He was also the leading artist at the Sonderbund exhibition in the year 1912 and was also represented at the Armory Show in 1913 at New York.

(Thomson, 2008) Starry Night and Style of Van Gogh The ' Starry Night' is considered as the most famous oil painting of Van Gogh.

This style of 'post-impressionist' sparkled in masterpieces like ' Self-Portrait' and ' Portrait of Pere Tanguy'.

Gogh's formal distortions as well as humanistic concerns made him a famous and pioneer of 20th century expressionism.

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He changed his brushwork and his vision became less traditional while his tonalities lighter.

On the left side of the painting is a huge dark structure that creates a sense of isolation and greater size.

This structure is superb when a comparison is made to the scale of different other objects in the painting.

Van Gogh Vincent Van Gogh, the post-Impressionist artist, is the most famous and well-renowned of all modern Dutch painters.

He started painting in his last ten years of life, however failed to sell any of his nine hundred paintings during his life.

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