The Of A Loved One Essay

This essay was written by a teenager who just lost the most important person in his life during one of the most stressful moments in a young person’s life.Who was I to say that this topic was too personal or too raw for him to write about?So if the best way for an admissions officer to learn about you stems from a personal tragedy, that’s okay.But remember that your essay isn’t really about the death of your loved one; it’s about the lessons you learned from that experience and how those lessons manifest themselves in your intellect, your academics, or your extracurriculars. Elyse Krantz is a member of College Coach’s team of college admissions experts.

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It is a strong attraction that attaches a person to anything in a personal manner.Despite the topic clearly falling into one of the four verboten categories highlighted above, this student’s essay worked.Granted, he didn’t spend the entire piece memorializing his father; rather, he wrote about his father’s death for approximately 20 percent of the essay, and wisely used the remaining space to reflect on how that experience influenced some of the choices he’s made in his own life since then.Admissions officers aren’t going to admit a student because they feel sorry for his loss or take pity on his family’s circumstances.They want to admit a student who (in addition to handling the academic load, of course) is thoughtful, motivated and will bring something unique to college.But something happened to me recently that changed my mind.Almost one year ago, my father died from brain cancer.The death of his father was a major, life-changing moment that clearly shaped who this student is today.After finishing the essay, I reflected on whether or not this writing sample would pass muster in a college admissions office.Friends, family, a minister or rabbi, and perhaps a therapist are all people who can and should be accessed during your grief process.These individuals can be a source of emotional support as well as physical needs, if required.

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