The Metamorphosis Essay

The very first symbol in The Metamorphosis is a picture that hangs on Gregor’s wall.

Gregor Samsa, the main character, as a symbol to portray the common theme, or idea of "the outcast" in society.Gregor, like the lady in furs, is isolated in the animal world, even though he considers himself fully human on the inside.In the first stage of isolation, Gregor is in a state of confusion about himself and his familial relations.Upon hearing the hissing sound in his voice, and scratching the itching up on top of his belly, he realized that something was not right.He only thought of being late to work, ruining his perfect attendance record, blaming his physical changes on nothing more than the first sign of a bad cold.Acceptance of isolation occurs when the isolator consciously and decisively puts another in isolation and the other accepts that he is, in fact, isolated, and no longer tries to tell himself otherwise.Kafka presents this stage as the most important stage of isolation for both the isolator and he who is isolated because it is an “eye-opener” for both.Similarly, Gregor is thrown away from his father's love, never to gain it again.At this stage in Gregor's isolation, Gregor begins to realize that his family no longer wishes him there.In this novella, Gregor, the protagonist, transforms into a monstrous vermin.His mother, father, and sister are forced to adjust their lives to accommodate to living with a human-sized insect in the house.

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