The Lottery By Shirley Jackson Introduction Essay

“The Lottery” makes the readers question traditions that have been in place and if they are necessary.“The Lottery” proves to the readers that not all traditions are good traditions and should be continued. Further, Jackson was not interested in being a "woman writer"; she was just a writer, neither male nor female, in a way that to this day is still not easily accommodated by the publishing industry and booksellers.

This is about politics on the most macro of levels.

Jackson works with precision; she sees things as if she's zoomed in and has got life under a magnifying glass.

And it's not just any glass, but one with a curved owlish lens, so that perhaps we see and know a little more than usual.

Specifically the story titled “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson, tackles the concept of traditions.

The story is a dark one with a message that fairly blatant.

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