The Island On Bird Street Book Report

Finding refuge in an abandoned building on Bird Street.

Alex along with his pet mouse, “Snow,” seeks inspiration form his favorite book, “Robinson Crusoe” and waits for his father’s return.

Days go by; his father does not come, and he comes to understand that he must make himself a safe home.

Then Alex realizes that his house is like an island, and he begins his life as a modern day Robinson Crusoe.

Almost every day, soldiers enter the ghetto and select people – people that are taken away – deported out of the ghetto to an unknown destination and fate.

The residents are told that the deportees are being sent to work at countryside farms. Some parents tried to hide their children, as did Alex’s dad Stephen.

His uncle sacrifices himself by attracting the attention of the German soldiers, allowing Alex to escape, managing to hide himself in the ruins.

The very next day, the ghetto looks like a ghost town.

Some of the most touching and excruciating stories are those in which the accounts are told from a child’s viewpoint. It is a movie based on the book of the same name by Uri Orlev.There is a killing in the story, which may present problems to some younger readers. It would, understandably, be difficult to write about the Holocaust without referring to violence.The Island on Bird Street is a good novel about life. He has love with Snow and outside friends; he has work in the intensive maintenance of his temporary home; and, of course, he has hope that his father will return.He even has a buddy like Robinsons man Friday; only Alexs friend is a white mouse named Snow.Alex does have human contact---he is able to sneak out, and there are many people hiding in this supposedly empty Ghetto. It is interesting to watch how the boy handles both the people and the danger.Based on a true story by the winner of the Hans Christian Anderson Award for writing, Uri Orles’s ISLAND ON BIRD STREET follows Ales, an 11-year-old Jewish boy living in a World War II Polish ghetto.When the Nazis invade the city, Alex manages to escape but hopes to reunite with his father.Anyone can earn credit-by-exam regardless of age or education level.There is a 17th Century writing on a gravestone that reads: All that man needs are these: love, work, and hope.The novel The Island on Bird Street by Uri Orlev, and translated by Hillel Halkin, exemplifies this epitaph written so long ago.In the Introduction to the novel, the author encourages the reader to imagine an occupied city; he sets you up for a personal experience, and you learn that he once lived in such a place.

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