The I Like Most Cricket Essay

I am very fond of sports and games, but the game I like most is cricket.This game first started in England and later spread to other countries such as Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, West Indies etc.Now more and more countries are beginning to enjoy this wonderful game. The captain who wins the toss decides whether his divided into a number of overs, with six balls in an over.There are two kinds of cricket matches the ”test match”, and the ”one day match”. The team that makes the maximum number of runs is declared as the winner. I go to the school playgrounds for practice every evening.The object of the bowler is to get the batsman out by striking his wicket with the ball so that the bails are knocked off or by forcing him to strike the ball up in air so that it can be caught by one of the fielders before it touches the ground.In either case, the batsman is ‘out’ and another roof the same side must take his place.Each man in the side that's in goes out and when he is out, he comes in, and the next man goes out until he is out and then he comes in.When the side that's in is all out, the side that has been out goes in, and the side that was in goes out and tries to get out the side that goes in.

Cricket is a fine open-air exercise and also a good mental discipline for it trains the judgment and promotes good fellowship.Professional playing county cricket also play this.However, unlimited overs cricket requires cricketers of higher ability and technique - tough guys who can concentrate on a cricket field for up to five days without being distracted by the wandering birds, the critical spectators or the voluptuous ladies in the crowd if they are lucky.I know the sentence probably doesn't make sense to you so I would explain in a bit more detail but not in my words but in the words of my cricket coach."Cricket is a game in which you have two sides, one out on the field, and the other in.Sometimes you get men still in and not out when thw side that is in is finally out.When both sides have been in and out, including those not out yet no longer in, that is the end of the game." ..more.Being a spin bowler I can get frustrated quite easily as it easier for a batsman to drive, pull or loft me because I bowl at a much slower pace - actually two times slower than a fast bustling fast bowler, giving the batsman ample time to make decisions and encounter the ball.Their weapons are fingers, flight and deception when imparting spin on the ball instead of sheer pace, bounce and swing which the faster bowlers use being the tall giants of cricket and sometimes bullies too - look at the Aussie Glenn Mc Grath's intimidating attitude for example - no offence to any proud Australian reading this.Middle There are two distinct forms of cricket - limited overs cricket and unlimited overs cricket.In limited overs cricket, there are a set number of overs - an over a series of six bowls bowled by a bowler at a time.

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