The Homework Club Differences Between Persuasive And Argumentative Essays

We work closely with schools and support children in their literacy development by supporting and adopting the literacy strategy developed by the local schools.

Building strong and compassionate relationships with young people is at the heart of what we do. The clubs place high value on fostering a strong homework routine.

We have developed an Information Management System to plan and review our programmes using an outcomes-based model of practice.

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We believe that when young people acquire those six basic skills they become more independent within their work and more self-directing within their own lives.

Volunteers describe being inspired by the talent and enthusiasm of students, plus feeling like they are really able to offer some meaningful help.

Our unique approach creates a genuine partnership between a business or organisation and a school in their community.

This impacts job prospects and limits possibilities for our country.

Homework Clubs are a simple way to increase community engagement in promoting the social, emotional and academic growth of children, opening doors to a brighter future for our kiwi kids. We partner firms, businesses or organisations with local low decile primary schools.

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