The Hiking Trip Essay Prompt Thesis Of 1776 By David Mccullough

Not just the writing (developing a portfolio), and not just the hiking (climbing the tallest mountain in Massachusetts), but the whole experience: learning and fun and friends and everything that makes an Overland summer great.We will realize that the strength of the experience is in the relationships—the friendships that make the hard work fun, that keep spirits up on the trail, that fill every day with laughter and smiles. But just as importantly, you’ll head home more fit, with new friends and fond memories.We’ll apply skills learned during our first week of class as we write an expository essay inspired by National Public Radio’s .We’ll brainstorm, outline, write a first draft, read out loud, edit, revise and produce a final product in a supportive and encouraging environment.As an individual writer, you will explore your voice and improve your skills.The class meets in the morning (when everyone is fresh) and works hard for three hours—a significant, sustained engagement with the coursework.In the month before your trip, you should break-in your hiking boots (wear them a lot! Once on your trip, you'll find that enthusiasm and a positive attitude will help to make the trip a success for you... Pre-trip Training: Preparing for Class Overland classrooms are small, supportive and focused—you will spend four hours each weekday morning working with a master teacher and two Overland leaders.

We’ll start small with short hikes to swimming holes and waterfalls, building to more challenging hikes up local mountains and ridges.

Some afternoons, we’ll pair a shorter hike with a cultural trip to a local art museum like The Clark or Mass Mo CA.

In the evenings, we will cook dinner together, play games and reflect back on the day.

You will hike on well-established trails in New England through a variety of landscapes, including forests and more open alpine environments.

You will travel over terrain ranging from gentle and rolling to rocky and steep.

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