The Fall Of The House Of Usher Mood Essay

The “white trunksof decayed trees,” the “black and lurid tarn,” and the “vacant, eyelikewindows” contribute to the collective atmosphere of dispair and anguish.

This is done with the words black, lurid, decayed, and vacant.

He is “suckedin” to Usher’s “dream world,” the world he created after living alone inhis dismal house for years. One of the rooms had windows which “feeble gleamsof encrimsoned light…served to render sufficiently distinct the moreprominent objects around.” The windows stand for Usher’s eyes, the lightis reality. Reality enters his brainonly in “feeble gleams of light.” “The eye…struggles in vain to reachthe remoter angles of the chamber..” The reality does not reach all ofhis brain.

Poe’s useof foreshadowing is just enough to clue the reader into what will happen,but not enough to give it away.

Character traits are displayed throughhow the setting affects, influences, and reveals the characters.

Symbols are also used throughout to help understandthe theme through the setting.

Poe uses the setting to create an atmospherein the reader’s mind.

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