The Ernst & Young Business Plan Guide

Our Business Modeling professionals provide robust quantitative analysis and insight, while leveraging advanced data science, mathematics and statistical skills, to provide robust, evidenced-based analytics to inform our clients’ strategic and operational decision making around all elements of the capital agenda.

Often reporting directly to a company’s most senior executives, we enhance our clients’ understanding of costs, benefits, uncertainties and risks to enable more confident, strategic decisions and judgements around capital allocation.

EY helps you understand and improve overall economic strategy to identify opportunities and risks hidden within your data.

With rigorous models, you’ll be able to forecast more accurately and better manage decisions.

Prior to starting down the IPO route, explore alternative strategies.

The M&A market, private equity-backed deals and dual-track approaches (such as a concurrent pursuit of both an IPO and an M&A transaction) are viable alternatives to raise capital, and each offers its own unique strategic advantages.

Your top managers must have the experience and skills to undertake the IPO transaction and operate a public company — both leading up to the roadshow and long after it’s over.

Likewise, your external advisors should be highly skilled professionals with extensive IPO credentials, contacts and industry experience. IPO readiness is established, in part, by managerial diligence, endurance and organizational discipline.

Our Business Modeling professionals also help clients carry out the model review, model support and model-build activities our clients need to make key decisions and improve strategic outcomes.Similarly, adopt leading-practice corporate governance principles and reporting policies to protect shareholder interests.A strong investor relations function will help you sustain the market’s interest in your company, communicate with your shareholders and other stakeholders attract a pipeline of new investors and sell-side research coverage, and manage regulatory and liability risk.We continue to build our existing competencies and aggressively invest in skills that enable our clients to make better decisions involving transactions, funding capital expansion and optimizing operations.Justifying the value of assets and liabilities has grown more complex and critical for most businesses.Evaluate your progress in readying your organization for one of the most significant transactions it will ever undertake — and for an exciting new phase of corporate life in the public realm. Successful IPO candidates often spend two years or more building business processes and infrastructure, recruiting executive and advisory talent, getting in front of financial and reporting issues, and mustering the essential commitment of the board of directors to go public.Many private companies find the private capital markets to be a highly effective and less expensive route to raising capital.EY member firms collaborate with third-party firms to bring an added independent political risk perspective.Together with the breadth of our strategic and operational expertise, our teams translate geopolitical trends into actionable plans that guide you through new ways of monitoring and mitigating risk.In 2019, the GBG launched a collaboration with The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania to launch the Wharton Political Risk Lab.This collaboration forms a global innovation ecosystem exploring the relationship between political risk, corporate performance, and political risk management.

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