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He sees the lofty building as an insult to the war-wrecked neighbourhood and all the rubble that surrounds it.

He wants to level it to the ground to sort make things even and to bring more notoriety to the gang’s name.

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This message is clearly projected by the characters and their actions, guided by the invisible hand that is one of the central themes of the short story: that children born to a traumatized society will grow rebellious.He hears the cries of Thomas from the bathroom and opens the door.Erik Johnson “Strong response essay for The Destructors” Jessamyn West once said, “A taste for irony has kept more hearts from breaking than a sense of humor, for it takes irony to appreciate the joke which is on oneself.” Irony is used wonderfully in the short story, The Destructors, to show that there’s more behind the protagonist and gang leader, Trevor, than meets the eye.Thomas, whom the boys refer to as “Old Misery.” The gang agrees to help Trevor execute his plan while Mr. When the gang is in the middle of destroying the house Mr. The gang wants to leave before they are finished with the job, but Trevor refuses to leave. Thomas in his own outhouse in the backyard of the house and provides him with a blanket and food. Thomas’s house a man starts his truck and begins to pull away. In my opinion, Greene uses irony to show reason behind Trevor and the Wormsley Common Gang destroying Mr. One example of this irony is when Trevor finds money in Mr.When the man pulls away he takes the last supporting beam with him and what remained of the house crumbles. Thomas’s but decides to burn it instead of using it for the gang’s personal benefit.The house is supported on external supports and uses an external bathroom as the indoor pipes were damaged beyond repair.The protagonist is a young boy named Trevor or ‘T’ who joins a band of mischievous and trouble making teenagers led by a boy named Blackie. T is a quiet boy who does not seem to be very noisy or impish. When the boys find the aforementioned house beside the park they used to visit, a scheme enters into T’s mind.The boys in "The Destructors" are still youthful enough to keep their innocence, yet they become cruel and selfish in their decisions.Also touching upon the discepencies of human nature, Greene embellishes on the classic motive of fame and glory, as when the boys take on their biggest challenge and plot to destroy one of the last houses spared from the carnage of battle.He locks Thomas from outside and goes back to dismantling his place.In the end, only the external walls of the house remain. T decides to tie the struts with rope and hang the loose end of the rope to a truck belonging to a neighbour.

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