The Crucible Essay On Hysteria

This event usually involves a group of people and an issue that concerns the whole community.In the Crucible this can be seen when Abi and the other girls of Salem are found dancing in the woods.In the play, Arthur Miller explores how hysteria works and how it corrupts the town. When she confesses names come spewing out such as Sarah Good and Goody Osburn. Mary couldn’t stand up against Abigail so she decided to get back at her side.Hysteria begins when Reverend Parris’ daughter, Betty, becomes ill after being “… Later on in the play when Marry Warren is forced by John Proctor to tell the truth about her and the other girls’ pretenses. One of the twisted things about hysteria is how people are able to use it in their benefit to get what they want.The town fears witchcraft so hysteria begins to take over.Later, dozens of people are wrongly accused and no one can blame the accusers until it is too late.The result of this hysteria resulted in the hanging of many innocent men and women.It all begins when John Proctor, the protagonist, who commits adultery with the antagonist, Abigail Williams.

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Abigail, to deflect blame from herself, points fingers at Tituba. This time he does it not for what the town may think of him but what he thought of himself.

Miller later went on to graduate school at the University of Michigan, 1938, where he received a prize for his play write. Hysteria does not just appear out of nowhere though.

There are driving forces such as revenge and abuse of power that bring about the irrational fear that can take over society.

The constraints placed by social norms can create a feeling of isolation not only from other humans, but from nature and even the self.

Our population has been divided, spliced and puréed according to a plethora of categories Proctor, also so that Abigail does not blackmail the girls.

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