The Crucible Conflicts Essay

John Proctor, a farmer who lives outside the town had an affair with Abigail who is just a teenager early on in the screenplay, and is frightened to expose such a thing; he is afraid his name will be ruined.Earlier on in the play, Proctor has a chance to put a stop to the girls being accused of witchcraft; instead he sought to preserve his reputation from testifying against Abigail and revealing his scandalous affair.I danced for the Devil; I saw him, I wrote in his book; I go back to Jesus; I kiss His hand. After hearing Tituba confess to witchcraft, Abigail sees this as an opportunity to get herself out of the spotlight, even though she was with the other girls in the forest.After clearing her name, she wanted to move the blame on, she starts accusing falsely the other people of being witches.

I have given you a home, child, I have put clothes upon your back- now give me upright answer.

Reputation led the Crucible’s many characters to resort to various actions and lies to retain their own character.

The pressure of society put forth on the characters, caused a chain reaction of lie and deceit that caused the death of many people.

In Arthur Miller’s screenplay, The Crucible, Miller presents his opinions on the factual truth of the Salem Witch Trials.

Various events in Arthur Miller’s screenplay reveal the theme of reputation as being a leading force in the developing plotlines of the story.

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