The Color Of Water Essay

James's childhood was spent in a chaotic household of twelve children who had neither the time nor the chance to ponder questions of race and identity. While working with his father he watched the young white boys play outside and never show any sign of acknowledgment of his father.

He felt that the this work was degrading and subservient and resented the way his stepfather was being treated and looked upon by his employers.

When Richie, one of James' brothers, is teasing him by saying that James is adopted, James acknowledges a tugging thought inside his head... Why attention span went no farther than the five kids trailing her,” Mc Bride subsequently wrote “My mom had absolutely no interest in a world that seemed incredulously agitated by our presence.

The remarks and stares that we heard as we walked about the world went right over our head.” Her indomitable spirit and her son’s recollections became the basis of “The Color of Water”.

The Color of Water has a theme that is similar to many.

It has the perspective that all races are equal Philosopher George Santayana said, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Whether individuals are silly or wise, studying incidents from their history provides them valuable lessons.

In the work there is a great presence of God and the fortitude he were the strongest and hardest to cross.

Moreover, noteworthy is also Mc Bride’s usage of the rhetorical strategy of alternate chapters and parallelism.

For example, Mc Bride places the chapters “Shul” and “School” next to each other.

Here, both Ruth and James are struggling and are trying to fit in but are rejected due to racial and social conflicts.

He experienced a desire to embrace life and humanity.

James returned to New York recognizing that in this appreciation of life, beyond all the rules and religions in the world, he paid tribute to his grandmother.

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