The Cinematic Essay

Check out these posts if you’re in need of a little help with the literary analysis part: Don’t tell me you’ve never caught yourself singing one of those catchy Disney tunes. The fact that you can’t get a song out of your head is evidence of the importance of music in a movie.Music, though, isn’t just used for catchy Disney flicks.In other words, you’re looking down on another character.

If you’re asked to critique a film as a piece of literature, you better believe your prof is going to want to see a detailed discussion of literary devices.Think about the scary music that plays in every horror movie or the high-energy music that plays in every car chase.The music is chosen for a reason, so pay close attention to it as you critique a movie.(The person looking down has the power.)Low camera angles, on the other hand, allow the viewer to see the characters from a vantage point lower than eye level.The character looking up at another character is the less dominant character.Aerial shots can be used to show a large, expansive scene (like the western with the cowboy riding into the sunset).High camera angles allow the viewer to see the character from a vantage point that is higher than eye level.If told from the point of view of the apes, it becomes the story of the uprising of a few trouble-making humans who are trying to overtake society as they know it. Shot simply refers to a series of frames that establishes the scene, emotion, and story in a movie.If you’ve ever watched a western, for example, you’ve seen long, expansive shots that seem to encompass the entire desert, with one lone cowboy riding into the sunset. As the name implies, these shots zoom in to a character, generally only showing the character’s face.And Luke interacting with Darth Vader in Star Wars?This is clearly a great example of foreshadowing (even though we may have not realized it until much later in the movie).

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