The Chrysalids Essay Intolerance

The second stage, the caterpillar stage, represents a confined life, as the larvae do not act individually.

If the caterpillars do not complete the butterfly’s life-cycle, they will eventually die.

It requires a lot of effort but it’s not impossible.

For David he made a mistake that he could control, the mistake David made was listening to his fathers teachings and philosophies about mutant and how being different was wrong and to be considered a person you have to have to be inspected and be told if you were normal. The shaft took my father in the left off his chest. Then he slithered off sideways and dropped to the ground, his right foot still in the stirrup.

David was changed when his father became one of the men looking for them because of their ability but it all changed: Suddenly he stiffened. (Wyndham 187) David’s father was killed by his own brother, with his father dead he changed and thought about what he had said; he took his fathers death as a new start with a new generation and knew that there would be a new beginning without restriction.

His mistakes were fixed and his father would not make anymore mistakes.

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Although at no point in the book was there any reference to a “chrysalid”, but if think thoroughly, the reasons for the naming of the novel can be understood.The egg symbolizes the reemergence of life on Earth or in Waknuk after the Nuclear War, or “Tribulation”, had occurred.It may also mean the rising of the Waknuk Society, raised by Elias Strorm.The group, David, Rosalind and Petra in their escape to Sealand, are like insects leaving behind their crawling caterpillar, existence to emerge from their chrysalis as, beautiful, and free-flying butterflies.The Chrysalids symbolizes the change in human nature, and human survival techniques.It is a stage in which the insect appears dormant and unmoving, but changes are taking place inside which enable it to emerge from the chrysalis as a more advance form of life.John Wyndham chose the title The Chrysalid because of the human life and survival many centuries after the all out nuclear war or “Tribulation” had occurred, which in many ways relates to the butterfly life-cycle.Sacrifice, discovery and mistakes were situations David avoided made and ran into while he was growing up, but with the situation came change to the story providing reasons and important events in the novel.The more we fight or work hard to fix our mistakes, the more were learn, we are more eager to get it right then to give up and let it be.As with the Chrysalis, the changes are mostly obscure, but repressed because of the fear of the consequence of discovery.Therefore The Chrysalids is definitely an appropriate and great title for the book because it fits perfectly together with its plot and theme.

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