The British Empire Essay

This in turn led to large European merchants coming over to partake in the palm oil industry, ultimately leading to the British enslaving the Nigerian people in order to produce the oil and demonstrate their power over them.

Not only were the British exerting power, but their influence had grown as the Church of England’s Church Missionary Society promoted their own health care and education, which demonstrates another tactic of the British to colonize Nigeria, by means of converting Nigerians to Christians (Soomo, 2013).

As aforementioned they successfully did so by three means, one is by coordinating treaties.

The land and its resources were used in new ways due to new structures of farming, mining and manufacturing.However, through punishment of the law, those who resisted were forced to build houses for colonial officers, roads to be able to move trading goods from Nigeria to Western parts, and rebellious men were either surrendered by chiefs or given monetary punishments in an attempt to keep Nigerian rebels at bay.Despite using inferior firepower and weaponry, Nigerians resisted by means of violence, refusing to sign treaties and negotiation.Nevertheless, Google-books provided a copious amount of literature so my limited resources did not affect the outcome of the study.Other sources used in this research is lectures, also online, from Gresham college. The world shaped by Empire The colossal territorial empire ruled by the British extended over a large part of the North America, much of the Caribbean, great portions of Africa south of Sahara, the whole of the Indian subcontinent and Australasia, South-East Asian and pacific dominions, and even the Middle East for some time.Their descendants make up a large part of the population of many countries in South-East Asia.1 The influences by the British can be noticed in various degrees throughout the globe; the governmental systems, religious adherence, educational structure, the towns and cities layouts, sports and cultural tastes.English as virtually a universal language in the contemporary world is partly a reflection of the United States' power, but the fact that the United States is an English-speaking nation is a consequence of the British empire; so are many other countries.The people of Nigeria, however, did not comply willingly.They continued to flex resistance until their freedom from British rule was gained.This essay is a compilation study of the British empire with an emphasis of the decline.With the help of the literature and lectures of the subject it clarifies and comprises the withdrawal from India as well as the Suez crisis as the most crucial elements of the fall.

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