The Anchor Newspaper Chestermere Mini Golf Business Plan

She was the worst offender, with the paper reporting that “editors have been unable to find 69 people in 34 stories since 1998.” The scale of offenses by Jeffrey and Jha make them two of the worst serial fabricators in modern journalism.

The same can be said for serial humor plagiarists Steve Jeffrey and Jon Flatland. Finally, of course, there was Jonah Lehrer, who was first outed as a self-plagiarist and was soon revealed to have also fabricated and plagiarized.

Then there was ESPN writer Lynn Hoppes, a serial plagiarist who stole exclusively from Wikipedia.

Tobin for plagiarizing from two Maine newspapers, The Forecaster and Current.

We can and should do more to prevent plagiarism and fabrication and to be accountable to the public when these incidents occur.

Fortunately, there is a group organized by the American Copy Editors Society at work on an ebook to help newsrooms do a better job of preventing and handling incidents of plagiarism and fabrication.

The paper announced that de Borchgrave would take a leave of absence while it investigated.

When Wemple followed up a month later about the results of the investigation, he didn’t receive a reply.

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