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Here is the link to the artilces: "Players, Here’s the Drill: David Harewood and Orlando Bloom on Shakespearean Warm-Ups" and "What Makes a Great Shakespearean?

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Hogarth is currently in discussion with a number of writers, with further announcements expected soon.Some of the writers already signed up are Margaret Atwood (“The Tempest”), Howard Jacobson (“The Merchant of Venice”), Anne Tyler (“The Taming of the Shrew”), Jo Nesbo ("Macbeth"), and Jeanette Winterson (“The Winter’s Tale”).I can't wait to see what they do with the plays!Every single sonnet required time and effort beyond our imagining. It features interviews with actors and discussions about the challenges they face in acting Shakespeare.It also has short videos of actors - currently featuring Orland Bloom and Samuel Barnett - speaking short speeches from the plays they are currently seen in.The time is ripe for a dedicated series of stand-alone retellings that will form a covetable library as well as a celebration of Shakespeare for years to come.The Hogarth Shakespeare will be a unique series to delight existing Shakespeare lovers and bring the world’s favourite writer to a new readership, young and old. This international publishing initiative is led by Hogarth UK and published in partnership with Hogarth US, Knopf Canada, Knaus Verlag in Germany and Mondadori in Spain; and Random House Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and India.It is published annually by Southern Utah University Press in cooperation with the SUU Center for Shakespeare Studies and the Utah Shakespeare Festival.The editors invite papers on any topic related to Shakespeare, including Shakespearean texts, Shakespeare in performance, the adaptation of Shakespeare works (film, fiction, and visual and performing arts), Elizabethan and Jacobean culture and history, and Shakespeare’s contemporaries.The Sonnet Project very quickly into something more.It became apparent that each sonnet was not simply a ‘video’ – not simply an actor standing at a monument reciting a sonnet – but a short independent film. We decided to focus on the journey rather than the destination – the Project will not be finished by April. In fact, it’s more than ok because the Project has exploded into a The New York Times is currently featuring Maximum Shakespeare: an online discussion of the playwright and his works.

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