Terrains Of The Heart And Other Essays On Home Ideas For A Argumentative Essay

And I wonder if I’ve left it too late, or if it’s even possible for a white man of my age to pull it off.I think I may have been lonely, as Tim Lilburn puts it, for where I am, for 56 years.And I have failed; in this life I have not flourished.And so, I’ve come back to landscape I knew and loved, and where I would have told you I belonged.For most of the human occupation of the earth, most cultures have sacralised the land, understood place as imbued with mystery, meaning, divinity, wisdom, lore.

Because of this richness, country is home, and peace; heart’s ease.’In the middle of my years, dislocated from so much that held me, I long for that heart’s ease, for the nourishment of spirit, the certainty of self, such belonging entails—earned, in Indigenous ways of knowing, and in Celtic cosmologies and most other ways of being on earth since humans walked the earth, by fierce and tender attention to a place one inhabits as if it were one’s life.

I’m wondering if I can learn a way to become a place again, a place in which one’s remorse, one’s anguish and longing, one’s children’s plight, are merely other parts—each another azure kingfisher, another reed-warbler, another night heron, another night of rain, another swamp or Paddy’s River Gum, and each of these things as worthy of my care as what I carry in my head, and each of them as capable of healing me and mine.

Lived as a place, not just a story, lived as country, perhaps a life may become more habitable and happy.5.

Of all the cosmologies of belonging human cultures have known the Indigenous apprehension of country is perhaps the most lyrical and sophisticated.

One feels, as a descendant of the disinheritors, an illness of ease speaking of Indigenous knowledge.

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