Term Papers On How Food Safety Is Measured Abstract Samples For Research Papers

The state of knowledge and technology defines what is achievable through the application of current science.

Public resources can have the greatest favorable effect on public health if they are allocated in accordance with the combined analysis of risk assessment and technical feasibility….

The committee recognizes that such multidimensional comparisons are a highly challenging endeavor.Succeeding chapters describe elements of such a system that are dependent on the success of the approach presented here.For instance, application of a risk-based approach at all levels of regulation is a prerequisite for harmonization of federal, state, and local food safety programs (Chapter 7).More proactive activities might involve conducting research to address crucial unknowns, undertaking formalized quantitative risk assessment, identifying candidate mitigation strategies to prevent repeat incidents, and ensuring the implementation of those strategies.Critical to both long- and short-term initiatives are improvements in cooperation with partners (see Chapters 4 and 7); efficient data collection, sharing, and analysis (Chapter 5); and communication with the public (Chapter 9).This chapter presents a conceptual approach for the prioritization of activities and allocation of resources to support both short- and long-term FDA responsibilities for food safety.Accordingly, the chapter lays out the foundation for a proactive, risk-based food safety system.Clearly, short- and long-term responsibilities coexist as the FDA seeks to both manage and prevent foodborne illness.As noted earlier, the FDA has often been criticized as responding reactively to food problems.The former responsibility requires rapid decision making in cooperation with multiple regulatory partners, while the latter requires long-term strategic planning aimed at proactive activities that are based on data and risk-based prediction and prioritization.For example, the FDA’s responsibility during a foodborne illness outbreak would focus on identification of the source of contamination (product trace-back), initiation of regulatory action, and product recall.

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