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During this time, he was put in prison in an asylum at Saint Remy.Van Gogh ..extreme loneliness.’ Finally, Vincent Van Gogh died on July 27, 1890. Starry night inspires poets and the books are being written about it. Everyone is familiar with Don Mac Lean song “Vincent” or “Starry, starry night.” Nowadays nobody mind about popularity of Starry Night.The song makes use of the strings, guitar, vibraphone, and accordion (Whitburn 166).

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This paper makes a comparison of Don Quixote and Oedipus as a...... After holding jobs as a book seller, art dealer and supply teacher, he turned fervently to religion but failed to make a career in this field. Why do we continue to hold Don Quixote up as a hero when he is out of touch with reality Why does the charge of tilting at windmills still carry a tinge of respectability or does it Don Quixote, fully titled "The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote of La Mancha" is a novel written by Spanish author Miguel de Servantes [Wikipedia].

[Your full August 4, Don Quixote versus Oedipus Don Quixote has appeared to be a true heroic figure for people, who see him as someone who fights against evil for the cause of dignified goals, and whose struggle finally makes him meet death with brevity.

He is considered as a powerful, heroic idealist trampled down by the credence of reality, and his death is a tragic ending of his valiant life.

I think that I will not be wrong if we call Starry Night of Van Gogh the most popular canvas. The writer says about this work surprisingly small.

In letters to his brother Vincent often exhaustively discussed some canvas, however, the Starry Night, he mentioned only twice (in letters 595 and 607).......?

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