Term Paper On Semiconductor Memories

The values of ε and ε show a steep decline with increasing frequency and then reach a constant value at high frequency, whereas the increments of M and M with frequency are exponential. log f plot has a strong peak behaviour, especially in the accumulation region.

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The best piezoelectric properties were observed for air-rather than N 2-sintered samples with d 33 = 125 p C/N and k p = 0.38 obtained for K 0.51 Na 0.49 Nb O 3 .

Therefore, the modified ((ln I 0 T 2 − q 2 σ 2 s0 2k T 2 =ln (AA *) − q / 0 B0 k T) vs.(1 k T)) relation has been extracted from (I-V) characteristics, where the values of Φ B0 and A * Simul have been found in different temperature ranges.

The obtained results have been compared to the existing experimental data and a good agreement was found.

more The role of an epitaxial growth technique in the performance of metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) devices was investigated.

Using a pioneering method like selective epitaxy, the performance and integration of MOS devices found to be improved significantly.

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